Under the paragraphs 248, 249, 250 of the Law n. 178 of 30.12.2020, measures to give financial support to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, provided on 17th March 2020 by art. 56, comma 2, lett. a) and b), of the Legislative Decree n. 18 introducing “Measures to enhance the National health system and the economic support to families, workers and enterprises related to the Covid-19 emergency” (so-called Decreto Cura Italia), to support enterprises damaged by the pandemic COVID-19, were postponed. They had already been postponed to 31/01/2021 in accordance with art. 65 of the Legislative Decree 104/2020.

The Cura Italia Decree, in the light of the above-mentioned extension, provides that enterprises, on communication, can benefit from the following measures of financial support:

  • for credit facilities and loans, granted against receivable advances existing at 29th February 2020 or, if following, at 17th March 2020, amounts granted cannot be revoked, completely or partially, until 30th June 2020; 
  • for loans with single reimbursement expiring before 30th June 2021, contracts, together with their supplementary components and without let or hindrance at the conditions agreed, are prolonged until 31st June 2021 at same conditions.


The extension applies automatically without let or hindrance, except for cases of abandonment, expressed by the recipient firm, which must be communicated within 31st January 2021 or within 31st March 2021 only for enterprises of the tourism sector.

We also bring to your notice that all enterprises having submitted a petition within 1st January 2021, and who haven’t been admitted to the measures of financial support as provided by Art. 56, may be admitted to such measures, which are prolonged until 30th June 2021, by submitting a request within 31st January 2021, at same conditions and terms as provided by Art. 56. 



To benefit from the measures of financial support, the applicant company must fulfill the following requirements, with reference to 17th March 2020:

  1. it must be a micro, small or medium-sized enterprise based in Italy, as defined in the Recommendation of the European Commission n. 2003/361/CE of 6th May 2003 (namely, having less than 250 employees and a turnover lower than 50 million euros or total annual accounts lower than 43 million euros). For this reasons, also self-employed professionals having a VAT number are included among the above-mentioned enterprises;
  2. It must not have deteriorated outstanding liabilities on the date of publication of the decree (17th March);
  3. It must be temporarily subject to lack of liquidity as a direct consequence of the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic to certify through a specific self-declaration.


The applicant company fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements is required to communicate to Generalfinance its willingness to benefit from the measures of financial support to SMEs by filling in the following form: 

Moratorium request as provided by Legislative Decree no. 18 of 17th March 2020

The form must be:

  • Completed in its entirety;
  • Signed with handwritten signature – in its original version and sent by registered letter with a form for acknowledgment of receipt to Generalfinance S.p.a. Direzione Crediti – Via Carso 36, 13900 Biella (BI) (indicating on the envelope “Moratorium COVID-19”), or alternatively,
  • Signed with digital signature, as provided by art.24 Legislative Decree 82/2005 (Code for digital government) and sent, by certified e-mail, to the address: [email protected]


For further information, please address your Managing agent/Contact person or contact us:

Phone: +39 015 8484301 (operator);

E-mail: [email protected];

Certified e-mail: [email protected];

It is also possible to consult the FAQs made available by the Ministry of Economy and Finance at the address as well as the further information on the moratorium for micro-enterprises and Smes at the address


Despite the emergency due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Generalfinance ensures its Clients the continuation of the activities, within the framework of the measures adopted by the Government to address the ongoing emergency, through all the necessary initiatives to avoid any inconvenience, also as regards services provided by third parties.

Thus, among the several measures adopted to contain infections, Generalfinance has reduced still further its already limited paper correspondence. By doing so, the risk of delays in receiving communications by post, which are not to be attributed to the Company, are limited. 

For this reason, Generalfinance has reduced to a minimum the transmission by ordinary post of non-compulsory communications. While it guarantees the transmission of all communications by its habitual digital channels. Thus, Generalfinance is committed to incentivize its Clients to use the digital informational and operational channels provided on the Generalweb portal, as well as to send by e-mail any communication, document or request. 

To that end, we remind you that it is possible to modify for free the reception method of all periodical communications, unless it is not consistent with the nature of the operation or service. 

Clients who are interested in changing their reception methods, from paper to electronic, are invited to forward their request to their Managing agent/Contact person.